Yesterday & Today: 25th March

I managed to spend a fair bit of time working on "C" yesterday. The most gratifying thing is that I feel I am beginning to craft three interesting characters; something to get stuck into. More than that however is the growing desire to tell their stories - which with fiction is often more than half … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 25th March


Wonderful? A tour de force? Relentless? Inspiring? You go ahead and choose. If you've read Richard Powers' "Bewilderment" you probably have some other words you'd like to add to the list of superlatives above. Beyond the narrative and how erudite and moving it is, how engrossing the story is, the thing that strikes me most … Continue reading “Bewilderment”

Yesterday & Today: 24th March

Lots of progress on my May publications yesterday with three of them now at the printers for media set-up. The next stage of that process is to get an 'eproof' of the paperback after which I'll order physical proof copies to review. I'll do this once I have prepared Tilt in a similar way (likely … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 24th March

Yesterday & Today: 23rd March

A really busy day yesterday with two highlights. The first was being able to have a full read-through of Crash with Andy, and the second was having Julia Usman as guest reader at Ripon Writers' Group talking about - and reading from - her autobiographical book, A Little Country. It was clear that Julia's book … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 23rd March

Yesterday & Today: 22nd March

Back in the groove yesterday, helped by my spending time working in the Claro lounge before I did my library stint, and then staying in town (at the Claro again!) between that and 'Write-on Ripon'. How did I spend all that time? Well a fair amount went on drafting initial thoughts on the back-cover blurb … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 22nd March

Yesterday & Today: 21st March

I managed to get through a fair bit of document preparation yesterday in terms of May publication. It's a process you can't hurry given it can be all too easy to miss out a step, or set a document margin at 1.2 cm rather than 1.8 cm etc. The next task - preparing the covers … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 21st March

Yesterday & Today: 20th March

Well, that was a little bit more like it yesterday. A concerted effort saw me right through to the end of my Tilt revision which now means it can join my other work in a mid-May publication bonanza! Whether that's the right or wrong thing to do commercially I've no idea, but getting the titles … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 20th March

Yesterday & Today: 19th March

Sometimes I can be really lazy. Just occasionally mind. And although I know it's good to recharge from time to time, when this happens I really don't like myself very much. In my workshop about 'Planning' I try to emphasise that you can't get back time lost: a day wasted is a day wasted... And … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 19th March

Yesterday & Today: 18th March

So here we are again, nearly 80 consecutive days of posting. Someone asked me yesterday whether my daily update had become a chore, but I can honestly say it hasn't. Rather it feels more like a heartbeat which kick-starts the day. A literary defibrillator, perhaps! And what of yesterday? Well, it proved to be as … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 18th March