Yesterday & Today: 5th June

Small steps; as long as you're making progress, giant strides aren't always needed. Take yesterday for example: a run-through of Crash; more Alma Road editing; a little more drafted on a short story; sending out June's Coverstory books' newsletter; admin work around both New Contexts: 5 and an upcoming Stanza Group meeting; and some more … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 5th June

Yesterday & Today: 4th June

Coming back to 17 Alma Road yesterday felt a little like greeting an old friend; there was something comfortable in working again on something I know and like, that I am happy with, that represents me and my writing. Perhaps it was that last - the connection - which I felt most strongly of all. … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 4th June


Although I have been unable to finish Ian McEwan's Saturday, I respect his work so much that Lessons was an obvious request for a Christmas present gifted to me some five-and-a-bit months ago. As ever, McEwan's work is really well-written and with a style that appeals - at least in part because in some respects … Continue reading “Lessons”

Yesterday & Today: 3rd June

Given how the first day of June went writing-wise, yesterday was unlikely to be any worse - and thankfully it wasn't. I think taking the time out to post that 'interim' update helped exorcise the bleakness of the previous day, and helped my put some shape to my thoughts. So, if you have been with … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 3rd June

An interim update (2nd June)…

Although this is undeniably 'off piste' in terms of my daily diary, given the bleak nature of my earlier post - and yesterday's 'black day' - I feel it incumbent on me to offer a glimmer of light sooner rather than later. And if not for you, then for me..! Merely as a point of … Continue reading An interim update (2nd June)…

“A Horse at Night – On Writing”

While I know lots of people will love Amina Cain's A Horse at Night, I'm afraid it wasn't for me. I found it somewhat self-indulgent and confusing; perhaps it was a little too 'meditative' for my taste. And I couldn't help but find in it an air of boastfulness in terms of citing all the … Continue reading “A Horse at Night – On Writing”

Yesterday & Today: 2nd June

It is quite rare that I have truly bad days, but yesterday was one of them. It felt like a very black day. Perhaps I should have been warned of what was to come when my run-through of Crash was interrupted twice and I ended up limping through the piece drained of any real conviction … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 2nd June

Yesterday & Today: 1st June

Yesterday was one of those where I seemed to spend a fair amount of time engaged in chasing my tail to some degree. No, perhaps that's not correct. I'll explain. As planned, I did a little more work on the opening of 'Z' - a chunk of that time spent re-writing what I'd already written … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 1st June

Yesterday & Today: 31st May

One thing ticked off yesterday: the first round of editing of 17 Alma Road. I will probably put it away for a number of weeks now before another review, and then get it sent off to agents and advance copy reviewers after that. As a book it currently weighs in at 217 pages and, based … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 31st May

Yesterday & Today: 30th May

There is something quite magical about penning the first few words of a fresh story; I think it's about embarking on a new journey - and not being sure where that journey will take you, nor how long it will absorb you for. Indeed, you are not even confident you will make it all the … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 30th May