March ’17 – Quick Review

Occasionally – at various and irregular points in time – I like to stand back and review where I am with my writing. This normally happens either a) when nothing has been going on for a while(!), or b) after something significant has actually happened! So, with the completion of my submission yesterday to the PS book competition – and facing the ‘What next?’ question – I did a quick review today. I find such things cathartic.

This kind of activity normally results in a few scrawled notes that, more often than not, help me sort my brain out. It’s interesting, for example, to go back to similar reviews in 2014 and 2015, and see what these led to – essentially the completion and publication of three ‘big things’.

Although this is obviously an exercise that means little to anyone but me, I thought it might be of super-slim interest to someone out there to see how my mind works (or fails to work…). On that basis, I have posted my notes here.

Nothing profound, I warn you…