Yesterday & Today: 6th February

Some days it's not how much you work but what you work on - or is it like that most days? In any event, yesterday was such a day. Tilt drafting done and now put away for a month or two; and the final review started on Not the Sonnets and Once Significant Others. Plus … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 6th February

Yesterday & Today: 5th February

Saturday tends to be a rather modest day when it comes to volume of writing activity, and so it was yesterday. The most significant effort was spent on completing a first-cut of that missing section from Tilt (enough, at this stage, to take it to a book of c. 180 pages). Apart from that, a … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 5th February

Yesterday & Today: 4th February

Nothing really turned out as planned yesterday - either in terms of 'Life' or writing... But I did manage to draft a little more of Tilt, and it's entirely possible that the 'missing' section will be complete by the end of tomorrow. Then we'll see. I also spent a chunk of time continuing to prepare … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 4th February

Yesterday & Today: 3rd February

I think the 1-2-1 mentoring went okay yesterday. It's always difficult trying to strike the right balance between honest critique and encouragement. Writing is such a personal thing, and our words can be so precious to us, that any questioning of them can feel like vicious betrayal. I know, because I've been there! Haven't we … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 3rd February


I really liked Neil Rollinson's collection, "Demolition". Across a variety of subject matter there was something in his tone and voice which certainly resonated with me. "Away with the Mixer" is a wonderful poem exploring the death of a parent who has suffered from dementia; and the way it handles the aftermath - raw and … Continue reading “Demolition”

Yesterday & Today: 2nd February

Part one of my short burst of mentoring went reasonably well yesterday. I spent 50 minutes helping someone work out what their next steps should be on the journey to try and get their children's book into print; and later in the day, an hour reading the draft of a short story which will be … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 2nd February

Yesterday & Today: 1st February

After my two writing groups yesterday I was once again left wrestling with the question of 'what constitutes poetry?' - a clearly subjective issue. And also - to a slightly lesser extent - what's the point of poetry? When I run my 2-day poetry course in the Spring, these are the first two questions I … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 1st February

Yesterday & Today: 31st January

Got a fair amount done yesterday: a decent chunk of Irregular Sky reviewing, plus some further shaping of my 2-day poetry course that will run at Writers' Retreat UK at some time in the Spring (date to be confirmed). I also managed to fit-in an unscheduled podcast episode production and posting: four sonnets from my … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 31st January

New podcast episode: four sonnets

I have just published a new episode to my Walking Thru' Fire podcast. You can find the episode here or via any good podcast provider e.g. Audible, Spotify, Amazon books, Apple etc. Given Shakespeare’s own sonnets are the major influence behind my collection, Not the Sonnets (to be published later this year), it seemed only … Continue reading New podcast episode: four sonnets

Yesterday & Today: 30th January

Well, I managed to put 'fingers to keyboard' again yesterday in pursuit of Tilt's missing chapter. It's interesting when going back into a project to carry on drafting new material a long while after you last did so (and have done some editing of the already existing in between!); picking up the tone and rhythm … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 30th January