As a compulsive writer, I have authored nearly twenty books – novels, collections of short stories, volumes of poetry, and some non-fiction – and contributed to a number of others. And, as an independent publisher (using my Coverstory books imprint), I have also published a number of books for other writers, plus two anthologies in which nearly a hundred contributors have had their work showcased.

Writeral.com is my primary location for all matters associated with my writing. It contains details on my writing projects, excerpts from books, individual blog pieces, and short reviews of the books I have read.

Please take a look. I hope you like it!


Coverstory books

Coverstory books is my publishing imprint. Originally set-up as the vehicle for production of my own work, it represents not only my progression away from Amazon’s KDP service (upon which far too many hobbyist writers rely), but has increasingly enabled me to offer it as a home for other writers whose work I have been honoured to play a part in achieving publication.


Line Breaks

“Line Breaks” is an initiative – under the Coverstory books banner – to produce on-line anthologies of poetry curated via submissions from poets world-wide. As an on-going programme of activity, the aim is to publish collections on the website multiple times per year.

The first of these is due in early 2022. Please follow the link for more details.


Image copyright Helen Johnson.


Photorway.com is where I post some of my best photographs. Taken over a number of years – and across a number of continents! – these either offered as individual images or collected into projects or ‘themes’.

A number of these photographs have been adopted as Coverstory books book covers, and a number are available on Adobe’s photograph library.