“At Maunston Quay”

Cover 2Published 1st February 2019, my new novel “At Maunston Quay”.

Life weaves its magic of triumphs and disappointments everywhere, and often those burdened with more than their fair share of tragedy can feel lost and alone. Even in a quiet backwater like Maunston Quay people struggle to come to terms with their personal suffering and grief – yet Maunston Quay may be the kind of place which offers the kind of second chances that gives hope to everyone.

A review from an Amazon UK reader:

“This is a beautiful book, slow-paced but deep, about some very believable people who come to Maunston Quay, an undistinguished seaside place, with its suggestion of ‘mourning’, and find the possibilities for hope and change. I really liked the way the story takes the characters on a genuine emotional journey, without melodrama or forced plot twists, so that you get the impression of having met real people, flawed but trying to do their best.”