ig head3 2Ian wrote his first story when he was five: an illustrated space adventure he can still visualise today! He has written ever since. Years later, studying English Literature at Southampton University – and, perhaps more importantly, becoming an active member of its Creative Writing Group – elevated Ian’s appreciation of literature and shaped much of his writing, particularly poetry.

Although he carried on writing after Southampton, ‘Life’ got in the way, and Ian’s output was sporadic. However, in the late 1990s he managed to complete his first full-length work of fiction [to later become The Big Frog Theory], and then at the turn of the century combined his love of writing with experiences gained from his professional career to write three books on IT Strategy and Management.

Fiction and Poetry remained Ian’s first love, however, and subsequently he found his fire for creative writing again. This, combined with the discovery of Indie publishing, led him to create Coverstory books. At this point the floodgates opened, the new venture spurring Ian on to publish both new and old material. It has also allowed him to provide a publication vehicle for others, something for which he remains equally proud.

Ian’s work includes:

Novels and Novellas

On Parliament Hill – Coverstory books, 2021

A Pattern of Sorts – Coverstory books, 2020

The Opposite of Remembering – Coverstory books, 2020

At Maunston Quay – Coverstory books, 2019

An Infinity of Mirrors – Coverstory books, 2018 (2nd ed.)

The Big Frog Theory – Coverstory books, 2018 (2nd ed.)

Losing Moby Dick and Other Stories – Coverstory books, 2017

Short Stories

Degrees of Separation – Coverstory books, 2018

Secrets & Wisdom – Paperback, 2017


Selected Poems: 1976-2022 – Coverstory books, 2022

The Homelessness of a Child – Coverstory books, 2021

The Myths of Native Trees – Coverstory books, 2020

First-time Visions of Earth from Space – Coverstory books, 2019

After the Rehearsals – Coverstory books, 2018

Punctuations from History – Coverstory books, 2018

Human Archaeology – Paperback, 2017

Collected Poems (1979-2016) – KDP, 2017