Editing: how much is too much?

Currently preoccupied with 'final' reviews of two of my projects, I find myself assailed by a question relating to editing work - namely, when is enough, enough? It is, perhaps, easier to define what is insufficient - especially when, in the first instance, no editing at all is unacceptable! So what happens when you first … Continue reading Editing: how much is too much?

Yesterday & Today: 7th February

The infinite variety of poetic style, themes for poems, and opinions about poetry - what's good, bad, indifferent (and why) - never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday's Stanza meeting was another case in point when we were treated to such splendid diversity. And at the end of the day, liking a piece or not is … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 7th February

Yesterday & Today: 6th February

Some days it's not how much you work but what you work on - or is it like that most days? In any event, yesterday was such a day. Tilt drafting done and now put away for a month or two; and the final review started on Not the Sonnets and Once Significant Others. Plus … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 6th February

Yesterday & Today: 5th February

Saturday tends to be a rather modest day when it comes to volume of writing activity, and so it was yesterday. The most significant effort was spent on completing a first-cut of that missing section from Tilt (enough, at this stage, to take it to a book of c. 180 pages). Apart from that, a … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 5th February

Yesterday & Today: 4th February

Nothing really turned out as planned yesterday - either in terms of 'Life' or writing... But I did manage to draft a little more of Tilt, and it's entirely possible that the 'missing' section will be complete by the end of tomorrow. Then we'll see. I also spent a chunk of time continuing to prepare … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 4th February

Yesterday & Today: 3rd February

I think the 1-2-1 mentoring went okay yesterday. It's always difficult trying to strike the right balance between honest critique and encouragement. Writing is such a personal thing, and our words can be so precious to us, that any questioning of them can feel like vicious betrayal. I know, because I've been there! Haven't we … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 3rd February


I really liked Neil Rollinson's collection, "Demolition". Across a variety of subject matter there was something in his tone and voice which certainly resonated with me. "Away with the Mixer" is a wonderful poem exploring the death of a parent who has suffered from dementia; and the way it handles the aftermath - raw and … Continue reading “Demolition”

Yesterday & Today: 2nd February

Part one of my short burst of mentoring went reasonably well yesterday. I spent 50 minutes helping someone work out what their next steps should be on the journey to try and get their children's book into print; and later in the day, an hour reading the draft of a short story which will be … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 2nd February

Yesterday & Today: 1st February

After my two writing groups yesterday I was once again left wrestling with the question of 'what constitutes poetry?' - a clearly subjective issue. And also - to a slightly lesser extent - what's the point of poetry? When I run my 2-day poetry course in the Spring, these are the first two questions I … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 1st February

Yesterday & Today: 31st January

Got a fair amount done yesterday: a decent chunk of Irregular Sky reviewing, plus some further shaping of my 2-day poetry course that will run at Writers' Retreat UK at some time in the Spring (date to be confirmed). I also managed to fit-in an unscheduled podcast episode production and posting: four sonnets from my … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 31st January