Virtual book launch tomorrow!

On Monday 22nd May I am having an on-line launch of my most recent books with a short reading from each of them: - Once Significant Others ~ a novel from which I will read the opening few paragraphs - Tilt ~ a novel from which I will also read a short extract - An Irregular Piece of Sky ~ a … Continue reading Virtual book launch tomorrow!

Yesterday & Today: 20th May

I managed to finish putting together the high-level summary of the main characters' relationships for my potential new fiction project yesterday (see the 19th May's post). It's a tangled web to say the least, and I wonder at what point complexity crosses the line to become something that is impossible to believe. Steer clear of … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 20th May

Yesterday & Today: 19th May

140 days of consecutive posting! This is probably where it starts to get difficult, not just for me but for my readers too... How can I keep things fresh I wonder? As it turned out there were two primary activities yesterday which took up my time: working on those new characters I've been talking about … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 19th May

Yesterday & Today: 18th May

I made an inexplicable omission when putting my diary entry together yesterday, and that was failing to acknowledge that there was a Ripon Writers' Group in the evening. The theme of the evening was 'Memoir' and members brought along various stories from their past lives, including some very early and close-up memories of The Rolling … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 18th May

Yesterday & Today: 17th May

Yesterday was really full-on; clicked-up nearly 7 hours of effort on the work-o-meter! I started with a run-through of Crash where I think I'm now about 85% learnt off-by-heart; the rest isn't that far behind. 100% isn't essential for the performance, but the more I can manage, the more impressive I think it will be. … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 17th May

Yesterday & Today: 16th May

I've tons on today! But before all that, how was yesterday? Well, I kicked off with two 'simple' read-throughs of Crash i.e. pretty much without the performance. Then I lost the majority of my time to other things: buying a new car; activity associated with preparing for our move in the summer... Isn't it amazing … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 16th May

Yesterday & Today: 15th May

In a very bitty day yesterday the most significant thing I did was to continue working on the 14 character profiles I initiated on retreat last week. If you recall, this was an attempt to settle on my next project by defining characters I might like to write about - and then subsequently wrap a … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 15th May

Yesterday & Today: 14th May

It was a particularly quiet day yesterday as I wound down from the retreat. I did a little work on "C' and some more on the new character profiles I started working on while I was away. Other than that, nothing to speak of. Today will be little different as I have 'life' taking over … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 14th May

Yesterday & Today: 13th May

So another retreat ends, and the curtain came down yesterday in time-honoured fashion: the read-around. I read the opening from my work-in-progress novel "C", plus a couple of poems - one on request. As ever, the mix at the end of the week echoed the variety we'd seen throughout. And a sterling job by Rebecca … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 13th May

Yesterday & Today: 12th May

A good day yesterday which focussed on two main topics: the first was a little light editing of "C", and the second was working on some more detailed ideas around what might follow later in the summer once we have moved. Interestingly I didn't write any more to the short story I started on spec … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 12th May