Yesterday & Today: 23rd January

It was cold again here yesterday; the kind of cold that, over time, gathers cumulatively in the walls of the house so that you start each day at a fractionally lower temperature than you did the day before. And I find myself wondering if that could be a metaphor for writing: the less you do, … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 23rd January

Yesterday & Today: 22nd January

Thanks to a fair amount to time spent on it yesterday I'm building up a head of steam when it comes to The Opposite of Remembering reviewing. I'm now pretty confident I'll be submitting the very slightly modified text on 1st Feb (latest), so available from about 24-hours after that. As I mentioned yesterday, I … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 22nd January

Yesterday & Today: 21st January

It hadn't been planned, but yesterday I posted another episode to my WalkingThruFire podcast. I had been reviewing The Opposite of Remembering when I came across a relatively short section I thought might make a good entry to the podcast - so I recorded it! You can find it here; follow the links back to … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 21st January

New Podcast Episode: from “The Opposite of Remembering”

I have just posted a reading of an extract from my novel The Opposite of Remembering. The episode is available here. This section is about 40% of the way through the novel. The main protagonist is Liam who has recently divorced from his wife Rachel and is now moving into rented accommodation. Katy is their … Continue reading New Podcast Episode: from “The Opposite of Remembering”

Yesterday & Today: 20th January

Though not quite signed and sealed yet, I spent over an hour yesterday on Crash-related activities including a complete read through. I have some decent ideas about how to perform it (I think!) and just await the official and final 'nod' which hopefully might come in the middle of next week. Not that I need … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 20th January

“The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man”

It's been a while since I last read an autobiography, but as a keen film fan I was drawn to Paul Newman's posthumously published "The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man". The book is curated rather than written, with the vast majority of its material recorded in interviews between 1986 and 1991. Newman had always … Continue reading “The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man”

Yesterday & Today: 19th January

It's often nice to go somewhere for a change of scenery, so yesterday I spent two hours in the Claro Lounge drinking coffee and working. It was also where I had my meeting about Crash and the Ripon Theatre Festival, 8-11th June. It appears that I will be performing Crash as a monologue this year … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 19th January

The Forward Book of Poetry 2023

Inevitably perhaps there is much to admire in The Forward Book or Poetry 2023, an anthology made up of extracts from candidates for the Forward Prizes: 'Best Collection', 'Best First Collection', and 'Best Single Poem'. Unfortunately there is - thankfully in the minority - a number of pieces which simply don't deserve their place, to … Continue reading The Forward Book of Poetry 2023

Yesterday & Today: 18th January

The library was quiet yesterday which meant I got a fair amount of editing done on The Opposite of Remembering's update. I wonder if aiming to have this completed before the end of the month would be a realistic goal? In addition to that, the other big slug of time went on Write-on Ripon where … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 18th January

Yesterday & Today: 17th January

It's an interesting and unnerving experience when doubt creeps in. I had another dose yesterday when working on my new fiction project. It was a moment when I said to myself "yes, it hangs together, and yes, I could do it, but...". At times like that I find the 'but' all-powerful. So I'm clearly not … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 17th January