Forwards or Backwards?


If you set yourself the task of writing a single blog entry / post every day and had these two options, which would you choose?

  1. You could only write forwards, in anticipation, at the end of previous day / very early on the day in question – and only cover what you were expecting to happen that day. No looking backwards. At all.
  2. You could only write backwards, in retrospection, at the end of the day in question / early the next day – and only cover what had actually happened. No looking forwards. At all.

Which would you choose? Does it depend on your perspective on life. Glass half-full/-empty perhaps?

Given such a constraint, personally I could only write backwards. It seems to me to be the natural perspective for a writer; to review, analyse, interpret, dissect, make meaning of… And the frustration of writing forwards, setting the scene, and never being able to say how things turned out..!

“Today is the day our future arrives!”


“Today was the day our past began…”