“Human Archaeology”

Human Archaeology by Ian Gouge

Although Ian Gouge has been writing for many years, he still suffers from that common complaint felt by all writers at one time or another – namely, the nagging uncertainty around the quality and relevance of their work. ‘Human Archaeology’ is his first collection of new poetry since ‘Collected Poems (1979-2016)’ (pub. 2017).

The themes and preoccupations of ‘Human Archaeology’ crystallised as the new poems began to gather themselves into something approaching a coherent whole. The examination of history and its artefacts is probably a wholly appropriate subject given that some of the pieces were crafted from ‘found’ material – much in the same way perhaps as an Archaeologist assembles and then displays fragments found through their excavations.

Praise for ‘Human Archaeology’:

“a compelling exploration of the meaning of memory and history” – Hamish Wilson

“an imaginative archaeology that is personal, social and cultural…an interesting, special form of poetic plate-spinning…a volume of poetry that deserves careful attention” – David McAndrew

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