“Triple Measures”

Triple Measures by Miller, Gouge and Furniss

Some thirty-seven years after Kate Miller, Tom Furniss and Ian Gouge collaborated on a slim volume of poetry – “Play For Three Hands” – they return will a long-overdue sequel!

Their paths have – like their writing! – diverged considerably across the intervening years, experiences which, not surprisingly, have had a significant effect on not only on their subject matter but also the styles and manner in which they now choose to write.

A diverse and challenging collection with an Introduction – as with “Play For Three Hands” – by journalist and film critic, Jason Best:

K.M. Miller: “deft, skilful, deceptively subtle” – “tender, poised and alive with springy zest” – “Nature for Miller is nourishing, a replenishing bounty, a source of ‘annual joy’”

Ian Gouge: “a vein of bruised romanticism runs through the poetry” – “surprising turns of phrase and turns of perception” – “the freest of free verse… even so, the tug of tradition remains strong”

Tom Furniss: “poetry that celebrates technique, artistry, true knack and know-how” – “a keen appreciation of poetry’s nuts and bolts, paying close attention to rhyme, rhythm and metre” – “a tone that is both conversational and ruminative”

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