“Noise (or Between God and the Internet)”

Imagine a vast ocean of mirror-still translucent turquoise

so clear that you can see its bottom

so vast that its edges are become the horizon.

Imagine that.


One day, from an invisible somewhere, a pebble

is dropped into the very centre of the ocean

and a single ripple forms.

All around the ocean’s edge,

people watch in awe as the simple wave

glides silently towards them.

Imagine that.


And then, invisible to each other,

two people (or twelve people) find stones of their own

and toss them gently into the water.

Others watch as multiple ripples now expand,

intersect, creating complex and wondrous patterns

on the gentle undulating surface of the ocean.

They are besotted by the magic of movement,

of the motion they have created by their own hands

in the simple act of throwing stones.

Imagine that.


Soon everyone has found a stone

and the surface of the water is bombarded

with the volleys of the masses.

Everyone needs to make their own mark,

to influence the pattern of the seas,

and larger stones are thrown harder, further.

And what was once a mirror-still surface

moves beyond undulation into chaos,

its turbulence so great that ripples cease to form at all.

And where once the sea was clear and turquoise blue,

it is now opaque and grey and chill,

and nothing can be seen beneath it.

Imagine that.


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