So where’s all the writing then..?

I am conscious that for a website that’s supposed to be a writing showcase, I have published little new material here recently; most posts have been book reviews (of sorts). So here’s another ‘non-writing’ post..!

I just thought an update on all the creative action that’s going on in the background might be of interest…

  • “Mirrors” re-edit. I have reached Chapter 30 out of 41 and am scandalised by a) the number of typos I missed first time round, and b) the odd really clumsy sentence (where I was obviously trying to be too clever!). Fixing most, hopefully. I can’t go too far with the awkward sentences as that would risk destroying the overall integrity of the style…it’s an effort of its time, I’m afraid. Still on schedule for a summer re-publication.
  • Short story collection. I have made it to page 90 or 9 stories in. This should be about half way. On that basis, again a summer publication is on the cards.
  • Narrative poem. Progress is still good – though harder to judge than the two projects above. I’m probably just under half way through. Given I’ve no idea how long re-work/editing the first draft will take, this one’s looking like the back end of the summer before it sees the light of day.

I’m hoping to be able to have some kind of ‘event’ later on this year to hopefully launch at least two of these. Watch this space!

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