Announcing new titles!

Coverstory books is pleased to be able to announce the following titles and their projected release dates:

Front cover only“An Infinity of Mirrors” – planned publication date, 21st May 2018

Given his profession as a Historian, it was inevitable that Mark would find himself one day writing the biography of his late father, the acclaimed author Charles Packard. As his biographer, Mark is blessed with a wealth of material: first-hand experience, his father’s own work, the testimonies of his Aunt, and Charles’ friends, colleagues – and enemies.

Yet what he uncovers is unexpected, revealing elements of his father’s life that resonate with his own. The parallels he reveals begin to intrude in a very tangible way on Mark’s interpretation of own his life, his history becoming more closely aligned to that of his father.

Instead of being the closing of a chapter, a sealing up of the past, the biography proves to be something far darker, unleashing personal daemons that Mark could never have anticipated.

[“An Infinity of Mirrors” is a second edition of a novel originally published until the title “Mirrors”.]

9781999784058“After the Rehearsals” – planned publication date, 30th June 2018

Having received praise for his recent work – “a compelling exploration of the meaning of memory and history”, “an interesting, special form of poetic plate-spinning” – Ian Gouge’s latest book is a shift into new territory. “After the Rehearsals” is a prose poem; a narrative in which the poems – although they stand on their own – are akin to chapters in a work of fiction, and where reading through them sequentially draws the reader into the lives of the book’s characters. Writing in this way, we get to the essence behind the narrative much more readily, and uncover a story told through a composite of sharp and memorable images.

9781999784065“Degrees of Separation” – planned publication date, 30th June 2018

We are all connected. There are invisible threads that joins each of us, everyone to everyone else.

“Degrees of Separation” is a series of short stories, each connected to the next it via one of its characters. The book’s invisible thread weaves its way across geography and time until the circle is made complete when a character from the first story appears again in the final one.

But each story is also a narrative about separation in its own right; a wife from a husband, a son from a father, a friend from a friend. “Degrees of Separation” explores what it means to be apart, and considers the things that can divide us – or potentially keep us together.

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