As I went out one morning…

When I was out jogging this morning – early, in the rain – I saw something that my mind immediately translated into words:

Green. Round. Spikey.

On the black roughness of a pavement improperly made

the first horse chestnut.

I love it when that happens. It’s something I have no control over. Luckily I only had to remember it for a little under 1 km! When you have a moment like that but can’t get to write it down soon enough and then forget what it was… well, it’s like losing something precious.

And then, as I dipped in and out of my breakfast, I opened WordPress, looked at my site and it’s pathetic traffic, then browsed ‘Discover’ for the first time in ages. And I thought: “I should blog a little more”.


Oh, and I checked on Goodreads (like I do most every day, sad individual that I am!) and I discovered that someone had rated one of my professional books. 4 out of 5! That’s pretty good!