No rhyme nor reason…

Sometimes, almost magically, words surprise you. Especially when you’re not looking for them, settling down perhaps to watch tv or listen to music; just when you imagine your concentration is elsewhere. How can you write anything when you don’t mean to…?

Yesterday evening – and obviously not quite finished…

a cracked voice

tries to recapture the glories of the past;

a fractured timbre more full now

of passion

and understanding

than ever it was.


between the fraying notes

fragmented by a now too-narrow range,

listen for the rhythm

rattling across the slippery silvery surface

like a skimming stone

we would suddenly have skip forever.



everything you would seek is just there.

more than a shallow rattle-bag;

a mirror of unfathomable

and never-ending


I confess I really like the middle stanza…