“The History of Bees”

When I started reading Maja Lunde’s “The History of Bees” I immediately took against it. ‘Here we go again,’ I thought, ‘another book that goes: excerpt from story A, then B, then C. Then back to A…’ But a number of things redeemed it for me:

  1. it was never always A,B,C, A,B,C. Lunde mixes it up a bit.
  2. the three strands actually stand on their own
  3. it was all well-written

Ok, so you know that at some point near the end there will be a thread (other than bees) that ties all three together, and OK so you worked out what happened to one of the characters in the book long before the punchline.

But in the end, that was all OK.

The story is about more than bees, of course. It’s about Man in the capital-letter-this -applies-to-all-of-us kind of way, and it’s about individual failings – mainly in the male of the species. And I have to say, Maja writes really well ‘as a man’. If I hadn’t known, it could have been a man who’d written it.

So, all-in-all, pretty good. Started out as a 2-out-of-5, and in the end made it – just – to a 4!