“The Bedlam Stacks”

As a writer, Natasha Pulley’s “The Bedlam Stacks” annoys me – because it’s so good. As a reader, I love it. I hope that contradiction is permissible…

She has a talent of effortlessly taking you on a journey in such a way as to let you know that you are safe in her hands. Her main protagonist – a man – is realistic, engaging, vulnerable; you care what happens to him, and isn’t that what most good writers are able to do?

The premise of the book is fantastical (if I had a gripe, just a bit too much ‘out there’ at the end – no spoilers!), so provided you don’t object to the nicest kind of fantasy, then you should love this.

“The Watchmaker of Filigree Street” was great. This was too. And a ‘follow-up’ to the Watchmaker is due out in 2019. Happy days.