Wake up and smell the Kindle…

I’m a snob. There, I said it. I have a prejudice towards books; real, physical – wonderful! – things you can hold in your hands, flick through, weigh, sniff… Books are one of the vessels through which people open doors onto the world, their ideas, their souls.

I love books.

Which means – doesn’t it? – that I must instinctively dislike any other form of transport? As a writer, books are the vehicles through which I transmit my messages. My attachment to a book – to my book – is almost as profound as anything I can remember experiencing. That feeling can only exist if the vehicle is physical.

Just over a week ago I sold five copies of “The Big Frog Theory” on Kindle. I discovered the sales during an absent-minded trawl through my KDP account. I was buoyed. Wasn’t that great! There was a paperback option, but five people chose the ebook version. What did I think about that? I was glad. I hope they like the book as much as Debbi did.

She reads a lot on Kindle. Some of my stuff there too. We talked about it on Saturday – ebooks and real books – and about what was important at the end of the day…

Today, as a result, I am pleased to be able to offer “Degrees of Separation”, “Secrets & Wisdom”, “An Infinity of Mirrors” and “Losing Moby Dick and Other Stories” via Amazon Kindle. There is even a way you can get them for free, I think.

Am I still a book snob? Absolutely. But perhaps just a shade less dogmatic this morning..! Thanks Debs!