Is it wrong to want to know who’s buying your books?

You can call me a little sad if you want to, but I have established a routine when –  exactly as now – I’m having my breakfast:

  • check my Author dashboard on to see if there are any new reviews / scores for my books, and, when appropriate, update what I’m reading, like yesterday;
  • check my Ingram Spark account to see if any of my books have been bought;
  • check my Amazon KDP account, likewise

I’m not checking with expectation or royalties in mind, you understand; I just like to know.

There has been a little flurry of activity over the last month (and when I say ‘flurry’, it’s probably comparable to a couple of snowflakes in a blizzard!): over a very short period of time small multiple copies of a small number of books. It’s such condensed activity to look related, like friends or a book club. Or one person buying multiple copies for friends. Or….

You can’t help but wonder.

A huge chunk of me would like to know – which is only natural, isn’t it? But probably an even bigger chunk doesn’t want to, though I haven’t quite admitted that to myself yet.

So if you’re one of the buyers, please don’t tell me – even though I’d quite like to know!

Happy Reading Everyone!

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