After the Concert

After the Concert


falling foul of memory’s snare

entrapment awaits

and the waif-like recollection

of an evening when time crept

so slowly

it felt as if we owned it

as if the moon

would never break beyond the branches

of that winter ash

nor disappear behind the distant hills


it was romantic I suppose

but I


was torn between longings

for time to crawl

so that I could hold you there

for time to race

that I might hold you breathless elsewhere


lately it is not time I recall

but the chill of the night

the cold of the fire-escape rail

on my lonely hands

the dull thumping from the concert hall

the tremolo of my heart


in prescient mood

even then I knew what would come

later that night

and the next when you gently let me down

it was a release

you said

trying to be kind

but being selfish all the while


the moon passed beyond the ash

the illumination of a fragment of time

the varnish and shadow

of a passing moment

[work in progress]