‘At Maunston Quay’ – published today [well, tomorrow actually…]

It should have been 1st Feb, but thanks to an ‘admin error’, the book won’t be available until tomorrow, 5th Feb. So if you looked and didn’t find it, try again tomorrow, please…

Today sees the publication of my new novel, ‘At Maunston Quay’.Cover 2

You always hope that “this is the one”…perhaps this book will be the one that’s read most, liked most – and more importantly, is the best yet.

In many ways it feels that way, but only time will tell.

Please check it out at your favourite on-line store. If it says ‘unavailable’, ignore it. Print-on-demand, so usually delivered within days.


Oh, and I’ve had a poem – ‘Pilgrimage’ – accepted for the online version of ‘The Aesthetic Apostle’ to be released in mid-February. I think it’s a truly decent piece, so I’m really pleased.