Houston – 2

Update #2 will be short – and mainly about food…

One of my favourite breakfast things in America is French Toast with bacon and a little maple syrup. When I asked for this in my hotel this morning I was met with an incredulous “Is that all?”. So I said yes.

The French Toast and bacon indeed turned up with a little maple syrup – plus fried potatoes, strawberries, banana and cream! Needless to say I didn’t eat it all. I also skipped lunch.

After buying trainers from Macy’s so that I could work off some of these gratuitous calories in the hotel gym in the mornings, for dinner I went to a dubious-looking little artisan burger place on the next block. I chose a wagu burger labelled ‘Napa’: lettuce, avocado, a little cheese, and a salsa that was designated as Californian…it was really nice! Fries. No pud. Now I’m back in the hotel bar with a cold IPA writing this.

And that’s not all in terms of writing.

I had an idea on the flight over and I’ve been teasing away at it. The last two days have seen something burgeoning (nearly 1,700 words); and I’m just about to dig out a few more before I watch a little basketball and turn in.

It’s a hard life, but someone etc. etc.