This is what writing’s all about…

Sometimes, as a writer, you get those moments when you are bowled over by what you have written. It’s almost as if it had come from someone else.

Those moments can be as a result of modest things – a line in a poem, perhaps – or something much larger – a paragraph or even a page or two. Very rarely, I would argue, is it truly much more than that. None of us are that good…

So this morning, writing a little at breakfast before work, one such moment. It may not look like much – indeed, it may not be much – but just then it was something special. A short little paragraph, four sentences, that simply said what needed to be said:

From somewhere Katy thought she saw lightning. It may only have been imaginary, figurative, but it meant thunder was coming. She wanted to close her eyes and close her ears, to hunker down under a duvet somewhere and ride out the storm. But she knew she could not, for she was at its centre.

My Writing Diary

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