When you’re not sure what to say…

Today, even though I managed to write a few hundred words (my writing diary), I allowed myself to be distracted by meandering through a few WordPress sites. I had entered “writing” and later “literature” into the ‘search’ function just to see what came up. Not surprisingly there was a great deal.

Which is fantastic, of course. Lots of people engaging, striving, making the effort, searching for a voice. Or, having found a voice, trying to express a view, to cement a little uniqueness – perhaps like laying down a handprint in that famous Hollywood movie star pavement.

Isn’t that what this is, after all?

And much of what you find is good, thought-provoking, honest, ‘authentic’ (whatever that means these days…). And some of it is less so.

We praise the good, engage the well thought out and the original. And we long for feedback because secretly we fear that our own precious literary offspring may not be masterpieces after all…

Imagine how barren our world would be if we didn’t make the effort. We are driven by a need to share and find our place, to be recognised for having made a contribution however small (the power of the ‘like‘!). We cannot help by pander to the basic need not to be anonymous.