I may have finished…

I may have finished the draft of my latest novel..! I had two further chapters pencilled in, but the one I have just completed reached such a conclusion that any more work may could prove to be nothing but repetition.

Let’s call it done for now!

It needs to be left alone for a while – which is fine as we go on holiday today! – and then I’ll come back to it. Currently around 230 pages / 76.5k words, the size may change during the first edit (it could go either way), then we’ll see where we are. I’m pretty sure there’s a chapter or two to be added earlier in the book to fill gaps in the plot I may have inadvertently created. But that’s all part of the process.

But for now, just breathe.

The nerve-wracking part is when I come back to re-read the whole for the first time: will I think it’s any good?!

Writing’s crazy but brilliant!!

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