Free books this weekend!

For this weekend – 1st – 4th November – Amazon is offering three of my books in Kindle version absolutely free! Take a look and help yourself!

“An Infinity of Mirrors”Front cover only

Given his profession as a Historian, it was inevitable that Mark would find himself one day writing the story of his late father, the acclaimed author Charles Packard. As his biographer, Mark is blessed with a wealth of material: first-hand experience, his father’s own work, testimonies of his Aunt, and Charles’ friends, colleagues and enemies.

Yet what he uncovers is unexpected, elements of his father’s life resonating with his own. These parallels begin to intrude in a very tangible way on Mark’s interpretation of own his life, his own history becoming more closely aligned to that of his father.

Instead of being the closing of a chapter, a sealing up of the past, the biography proves to be something far darker, unleashing personal daemons that Mark could never have anticipated.

“The Big Frog Theory”9781999302733

What do you most need when facing a complete disintegration of the life you have been leading? Where does the loss of your job, the betrayal of your wife, lead you? Well, in Neville’s case to a small tea shop at the foot of the Malvern hills.

But if he has gone there for some peace, some solitude, the chance to assess his situation and get his life back in order, then he is in for a shock. Is it madness that makes his coffee cup keep magically refilling, or the china geese on the wall try and fly away? And how could it be possible that a stale slice of Black Forest Gateaux would suddenly be able to offer him Agony Aunt advice?

Guided by Samuel, an aged coach driver (in his equally aged coach!), follow Neville as his travels take him to Paris, to the Derby at Epsom, dancing on a cruise ship, and into outrageous and dangerous adventures – and towards an unlikely romance that might just save his life…

“Writing to Gisella”wtg-full-cover-only-v1-front-only

In many ways it was the perfect, idyllic summer break: filled with sun, culture, the beauty of Tuscany – and love; the kind of love that changes a young man’s life forever.

And then, suddenly, the dream is killed and there is nothing but vacuum. For years.

Until her letter arrives unexpectedly, finding him – them both indeed – different people.

Rick’s choice is binary. Does he – after all this time – simply ignore her letter? Or does he respond? Does he risk opening old wounds in the search for the answers to all those questions that once ravaged him? And if he does respond, where will her letters lead him?