Okay, it’s my own fault. I should have read it at University nearly forty years ago when I was supposed to. But I thought “Hey, more chance of understanding it now”.

“Dreams” is from the Vintage ‘mini’ series and contains two of Freud’s most famous essays: “On Dreams” (1901) and “Typical Dreams” (from The Interpretation of Dreams, 1900). There were lots of terms I recognised, but in terms of understanding..? The pattern seemed to be that I’d get a sentence – but then a quarter of a page later I was lost! The style / language didn’t help; that’s at least part of my defence.

Anyway, I guess if there were a reading ‘bucket list’, I might have ticked another one off…

And what did I dream about last night having finished reading it? Losing my car.

It’s a recurring theme. Last night I lost it in a Renault garage after I’d taken it in for a service – which is interesting as I don’t drive a Renault. And certainly not a yellow one! After persuading the garage to give me a new car (they’d lost it, after all!) it was suddenly found untouched at the back of their workshop…

If lots of dreams are about wish-fulfilment, I’d say my continual dreaming about losing vehicles is a sign that I want a change of car.

Nothing new there then..!