The 4 a.m. alarm call…

Sometimes you can do nothing about it. Unbidden a phrase or a sentence will pop into your head and not let go. It could be something new, or the need to change something old – but let’s hope not borrowed!!

Today gifted me one of those mornings. Reeling a little from a writers’ group the previous evening, the ‘under-performance’ of something I had written – like an athlete nowhere near a personal best – demanded a little surgery, and something told me it couldn’t wait…

There’s a fine line between inspiration and desperation, I find. And self-doubt is never very far behind.

And then, out of nowhere – fuelled by an early coffee perhaps – another first line. Will this prove liberation or millstone?

through the attic Velux
a pre-dawn silhouette punctured by marquisette lights
the contours of the landscape blurred
in a monotone wash of Payne’s Grey

the clock
the taunting of a playground bully
knowing they are beyond the law

or are the law

I wait for the sunrise
for something to arrive or go away

in more refined brushwork
shades of viridian and ochre will elbow out the grey
their high-res definition still evading capture

I put down my pen

often things are easier
in a pre-dawn silhouette punctured by marquisette lights