Published today! “The Homelessness of a Child”

My sixth collection of poetry – “The Homelessness of a Child” – is published today, 1st April. Perhaps long overdue, a fair proportion is an exploration of the hardships and repercussions of my difficult childhood. As the intro says:

“By the time Ian Gouge went to university he had already lived in seventeen different places – houses, pre-fabs, flats, rooms of one sort or another – and all within the environs of the same two towns on the south coast of England. No single location more than four miles from the next, between some you could have measured the distance in hundreds of yards. If you put a pin in a map for each, the resulting image would look like the aftermath of a rather well-played game of ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey’.”

There is a lot of variation in the collection, and – considering the main topic – I have strived to avoid the kind of mawkish and depressing pathos into which it would be all too easy to submit! I hope you enjoy it.

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