Home is (not) where the sales are…

With the exception of a couple of short stints in Europe and the Far East, I have lived in the UK all my life. This is where my – extended – family lives, and is home to the vast majority of my friends and ex-work colleagues. Two weeks ago I published my latest novel, On Parliament Hill, and was pleased with its modest initial sales. Yesterday I had a breakdown form my distributor as to where those sales occurred, and guess how many of them were from the UK?

Not a single one!

All the sales came from US dollar transactions, the majority directly from the US.

Inevitably this left me asking questions – including, most disturbingly perhaps, what does this say about me and my writing? None of which I propose to try and answer just now… Maybe I should just move to the US..!

But it does echo a post I made some time ago, which still seems to hold true…

In any event, to those of you who have bought the book, ‘Thank you‘.

On Parliament Hill (Coverstory books)