Writers’ Retreat – The Lake District, February

Jan and the team at Writers’ Retreats UK have their next three-day event scheduled for the 11th February 2022 in the northern Lake District, not far from the Scottish border, and I am delighted to have been invited as a guest in order to run some workshops and offer a little ad-hoc mentoring as and when required.

Here’s an idea of some of the things we could be doing:

  • Ice-breakers / Self-discovery sessions: “Desert Island Authors” & “The Important things are…”
  • Exercises for both prose and poetry
  • Found poetry workshop
  • Attendees’ readings on the last night

I also hope to have a small reading slot of my own.

I attended one of Jan’s retreats earlier this year. It proved very productive. Not only did I start – and then later finish – a short story, but the mentoring available at the event helped me see the wood for the trees on a new novel I’d started, and I am now up around 24k words with the whole thing planned out and just begging to be written!

Retreats can be a great excuse for some ‘me time’ – and to inspire your writing. So, if you fancy that – and a long weekend in a fabulous house in marvellous countryside – check out the retreat here.