Sound body, sound mind – another update

Since my original post (appended below) I have now completed 30 stages (from a revised 60) of my journey since ‘leaving’ Land’s End, cycling some 747km. Progress was a little slower in December than previously, but I hope to ramp it up again during Q1’22.

In a virtual sense, therefore, I am now just about half way to John O’Groats! Only six more legs in England, the remaining 24 are in Scotland.

I have decided to cycle the length of the UK – Land’s End to John o’Groats – on my exercise bike. Over 1,500 km split across 57 ‘stages’. Okay, so there are no uphills – but there are no downhills either!

It seemed like a good idea: keep fit, have a challenge to aim for, make the most of my time etc.

Thus far I have completed the first two stages – taking me from Land’s End to Redruth – which was a total of 57.1 km at an average speed of around 30.8 km/hr.

I offer this info more as ‘background fluff’ than anything else – and partly in the hope that by making it public it will keep me ‘honest’.