Retreat – Day 3

06:55 – 13th May 2022

Another decent day yesterday with the majority of my time spent on editing ‘Reunion’. Some work on the Sonnets as I edge closer to drafting #80.

Plus I started work on my Reviewers’ list by reestablishing control over my Goodreads author profile. I think I’ll be doing some work on that this morning as well as a little website updating / tidying.

Made the decision to draw a line under the short story collection as it currently stands (good!), which means after editing ‘Reunion’ I’ll be editing that next. The urge to start working on a new piece of fiction is beginning to bubble-up, so the next couple of months needs to be about clearing the decks.

Everyone agreed Thursday (Day 3) is a bit of a ‘slump day’ where all the effort from Tues & Weds – plus probably all the fresh air, indifferent sleeping etc. – catches up with you. I think we’re ready for a final push today.

This evening is the ‘read around’. I’m going to read the opening section of ‘Reunion’, “Sharon” (it’s also on my podcast). It will be interesting to see how that goes…

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