New podcast episode: four sonnets

I have just published a new episode to my Walking Thru' Fire podcast. You can find the episode here or via any good podcast provider e.g. Audible, Spotify, Amazon books, Apple etc. Given Shakespeare’s own sonnets are the major influence behind my collection, Not the Sonnets (to be published later this year), it seemed only … Continue reading New podcast episode: four sonnets

Yesterday & Today: 30th January

Well, I managed to put 'fingers to keyboard' again yesterday in pursuit of Tilt's missing chapter. It's interesting when going back into a project to carry on drafting new material a long while after you last did so (and have done some editing of the already existing in between!); picking up the tone and rhythm … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 30th January

Yesterday & Today: 29th January

Yesterday proved to be a rewarding day in the end, not because I did tons of work, but because I actually began to draft the missing chapter in Tilt. There's nothing quite like the buzz you get when you start to make your characters do things, interact, and think. And having been so engrossed in … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 29th January

Yesterday & Today: 28th January

If yesterday was a relatively quiet and unexceptional day then that was entirely expected - not that editing, planning upcoming work and projects, and various writing-related 'odds and sods' should be decried. If not exactly as substantial as 'writing bricks', the mortar that joins them together to form a wall is of equal importance. One … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 28th January

Yesterday & Today: 27th January

At yesterday evening's Contextual: 14 poetry event we had 24 attendees - which is a super turnout once again! Thank you to all those who joined the session - and especially to our readers: Richard Lister, Graeme Ryan, Brian Docherty, Penny McCarthy and David Smith. Already looking forward to the next one! It did feel … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 27th January

Yesterday & Today: 26th January

The Ripon Writers' Group yesterday evening included a January tradition: a book sale. Members bring along books they no longer need and offer them for sale at a nominal fee to other members. Additionally there was a raffle of 'unwanted presents'. Both are means to raise funds for the Group's activities. On the face of … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 26th January

Yesterday & Today: 25th January

The Library and 'Write-on Ripon' were both good yesterday. Having introduced some fresh concepts to some of the group - Sestinas, Villanelles etc. - one of the great things about the people there is an enthusiasm to try new things, so a number are going to have a crack at a difficult 'formal' form and … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 25th January

Yesterday & Today: 24th January

I surprised myself yesterday by knuckling down and working through all that was left of The Opposite of Remembering to review - and then getting it to the printers so that the updated edition is available now! That's a big tick! In addition to that I spent a chunk of time working on competition entries, … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 24th January

Yesterday & Today: 23rd January

It was cold again here yesterday; the kind of cold that, over time, gathers cumulatively in the walls of the house so that you start each day at a fractionally lower temperature than you did the day before. And I find myself wondering if that could be a metaphor for writing: the less you do, … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 23rd January

Yesterday & Today: 22nd January

Thanks to a fair amount to time spent on it yesterday I'm building up a head of steam when it comes to The Opposite of Remembering reviewing. I'm now pretty confident I'll be submitting the very slightly modified text on 1st Feb (latest), so available from about 24-hours after that. As I mentioned yesterday, I … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 22nd January