Yesterday & Today: 7th May

It was, of course, hard to avoid the Coronation yesterday , but I'm guessing it only stole about half an hour of my time! It was a little bit of a mixed day with some further work on "C", a 'sofa read' of Crash, and then mainly minor admin activity around New Contexts: 5, Contextual: … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 7th May

Yesterday & Today: 6th May

A quiet day yesterday with most activity spent on "C", posting on this website, some minor tings here and there. Nothing to write home about. 'Life' and 'sorting stuff out' took a chunk of the day. None of my time was spent worrying about 'the Coronation', and I need to report that it will absorb … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 6th May

Yesterday & Today: 5th May

So, for the second day on the spin, I read through Crash twice yesterday. It is interesting - though perhaps not surprising - how much more fluent a second reading is if within a few hours of a first. Once I'm back from my retreat I think I'll try and fit in as many twice-a-day … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 5th May

Yesterday & Today: 4th May

That's a bit more like it! Yesterday was far more productive than the first two days of the month put together. I started out with two readings of Crash, three hours apart. It was the first time I tried this and - not surprisingly - the second reading was more fluent. I think this means … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 4th May

Yesterday & Today: 3rd May

I can offer no excuse for doing virtually no work yesterday other than my time was taken up with going to buy and then setting up a new laptop to replace the trusty MacBook Air which has served me so well for over eight years. I only hope this new one lasts just as long. … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 3rd May

Yesterday & Today: 2nd May

Well I must be doing something right. Based on the first third of the year, my monthly average of views to this site is on a par with the whole of 2022. I'm sure this diary is helping. Thank you to those who drop by occasionally! As with a reasonable proportion of days, yesterday was … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 2nd May

Yesterday & Today: 1st May

I thought my Crash read-through yesterday morning went well. Having done it so often now I get a sense of where I'm hitting the right notes / tone / emotion and where I'm not. Just under six weeks before the performance and half the tickets already sold... I may get a chance to 'dress rehearse' … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 1st May

Yesterday & Today: 30th April

So Twitter have made another one of those knee-jerk random decisions and with no notice at all withdrawn the ability of WordPress users to automatically post to their Twitter accounts. Facebook took a similar, but slightly less extreme measure, a year or two ago (only allowing you to post to a page). This is what … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 30th April

Yesterday & Today: 29th April

After all the emotion on Thursday at the Athol Fugard event, perhaps inevitably yesterday was something of a damp squib. Just about the only meaningful thing I managed was some work on "C", the rest of the day being sacrificed to domestic 'life' things which had to take priority. But that's what life does, right? … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 29th April

Yesterday & Today: 28th April

In many ways yesterday was something of a 'monster' day, four chunks of time spent doing very different things - one of which was astonishingly moving... The first two of these time-segments - me, alone, working in my study - were pretty run-of-the-mill: a read-through of Crash, and some drafting of "C". In terms of … Continue reading Yesterday & Today: 28th April