What a week!!

How often in a lifetime might you be able to say that you’ve published two books in the space of just 5 days?! Thought so…

Of course it sounds as if you might have just rushed out some kind of rubbish in order to  make the boast, whereas in this case these two books are the culmination of a significant period of effort – if not a significant number of years when it comes to the origins of some of the stories in “Secrets & Wisdom” (most of “Human Archaeology” was written this year).

The two books represent a number of other, hidden things. Like me taking Harry’s advice to ‘focus on something big’. And my desire to ‘clear the decks’ of half-formed ideas and a rag-bag of almost still-born offspring from many years ago. Certainly on one level at least, “Secrets & Wisdom” represents something of a tidying up…

When I took delivery of the proof copy of “S&W” today – and had luxuriated for a moment in that fantastic feeling you get when handling one of your new-born books for the first time – I was hit by the sudden realisation that it would be some time before I would be able to do that again. With the decks cleared, there is nothing badgering me to be printed.

Which means I have to write something. And something new.

And that’s great. I want to do that. I missed not writing all the weeks I was editing and proofreading (badly, I’m sure!) these two babies. So now I need a shift of mindset, a new routine; I need to kick into a new gear.

It could be some time before I’m next able to post about a new book…

“Human Archaeology”

“Secrets & Wisdom”

SW and HA

If you read them I hope you like them…

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