“The Underground Railroad”

Over the last few years I have used the Pulitzer Prize as one of my guides for the fiction I read. Like the Booker, it is often won by exceptional novels and both prizes have, over the years, introduced me to some good books and great writers.

Having said that, “The Underground Railroad”, by Colson Whitehead, just didn’t do it for me. At times it was gripping enough and a decent read, but on balance I have to say I struggled with it a little. It was one of those where reaching the end was a bit of a relief (mainly in that you can go on to the next book) – rather than the disappointment of knowing that it’s all over. There was no sense at the end of it that I wanted more.

Perhaps it was the subject matter in part. Difficult for a white, non-American to relate to, maybe; I don’t know. Clearly the book is well regarded – now long-listed for the Booker too.


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