Writing Retreat – Day 4 (last)

In the end it was all just marvellous. Not just the writing, but the company, the “me time”, the time to chill… And the interaction between us all, being able to spark and bounce ideas off one and other.

The last evening was spent in a kind of ‘performance’: Amy’s academic paper had moved further towards completion than perhaps she ever hoped; we were able to read some scene’s from Julian’s draft play, which enabled him to sit back and watch/listen to his own work; I read my 3,000 word short story (draft) inspired my a walk to the train station on Tuesday; and Hamish and Rebecca treated us to some poetry and music, which was a great way to round off our week and their first season at Garside.

Priceless – in the most profound sense.

It will be great to get home and see the family. And to see what impact this week has made when I get back to the normal hurly-burly…

‘Petticoats’ and “The Great Gig in the Sky” (Pink Floyd) will never be the same again!

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