Published today! “On Parliament Hill”

My latest novel, “On Parliament Hill“, has now been published!

Her voice is a trigger; a voice which forces Neil to relive the crises and failures of his past – one which offers him the possibility of a positive new future. But before he can decide on what he wants the life ahead of him to look like – and her role in it – he must pass judgement on himself.

My novels tend to focus on individuals trying to reconcile themselves to their past, characters facing the challenge of legacies from which they need to free themselves.

Neil, a photographer, is no different. Having previously made decisions which led to devastating tragedy, he has eventually arrived at a balance in his life which works for him – until one day someone comes along who begins to pick at that fabric, forcing him to recognise that there are decisions to be made again…

Links to the book page and purchasing options can be found on the Coverstory books website.

Please note, at the time of this post Amazon UK had not got the correct pricing on their website, and Barnes & Noble were yet to show the paperback version of the novel..