Think you’re secure with a WordPress ‘Contact’ page?

I was getting tired of being spammed by people using my website’s Contact page to do so. Something had to be done.

So I added a checkbox that needed to be ticked in order for the contact form to be successfully sent. I thought this might filter out any automated messaging – and maybe help people think twice. Wrong.

So I then removed Contact page from the menu, assuming that people wouldn’t be able to access it and I’d stop the spam that way. Wrong again! And this one’s worrying. How do people get access to a page that isn’t available via a menu unless they’ve found a way to hack WordPress??

So now I’ve deleted the page altogether; not just trashed, but trashed and deleted. And by default the comments option is off on my posts too. Let’s see is that makes any difference…

I hate not having a contact page always available, it seems to defeat the object – but there you go…

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