Sound body, sound mind – an update

Since my original post (appended below) I have now completed 12 stages of my journey since ‘leaving’ Land’s End, cycling some 330km. In a virtual sense, I have now reached Cheddar. Nearly out of the West Country!

I have decided to cycle the length of the UK – Land’s End to John o’Groats – on my exercise bike. Over 1,500 km split across 57 ‘stages’. Okay, so there are no uphills – but there are no downhills either!

It seemed like a good idea: keep fit, have a challenge to aim for, make the most of my time etc.

Thus far I have completed the first two stages – taking me from Land’s End to Redruth – which was a total of 57.1 km at an average speed of around 30.8 km/hr.

I offer this info more as ‘background fluff’ than anything else – and partly in the hope that by making it public it will keep me ‘honest’.

More importantly perhaps, in addition to an upcoming Coverstory books publication in early 2022, I’m working on a few ideas in terms of new projects, aiming to find one which fires my imagination sufficiently for me to take it seriously – and when it does, then I’ll probably go public about that too. And for the same reason…