Always happy to read

I have always enjoyed reading my work aloud ever since my first experience of doing so when I was in my early twenties. Historically, being able to read to an audience usually requires an ‘event’ of some kind – such as a book festival – and then an invitation to do so.

One of things various Covid lockdowns has achieved is to expand our range of communication tools, and through software like Zoom and Teams made it easier for people to connect with others anywhere in the world. The geographic barrier has been removed.

Simultaneously, of course, adoption of these tools and their ‘new norm’ has removed those constraints of ‘event’ and ‘invitation’ when it comes to giving readings. Now the reader doesn’t have to go anywhere – and the invitation is sent to the audience.

I am thinking of hosting a reading of some of my work utilising the magic of the Internet as my medium. In order to gauge a potential audience, could I prevail upon you to ‘like’ this post if you might be interested in attending – there’s no obligation!

Of course, I am always happy to be invited to read or share a reading too, either virtually or in person (where feasible). Just get in contact…