Weighing up adventures

I feel inclined towards an adventure.

Having now thrown myself wholeheartedly into my writing and publishing, 2022 seems destined to be a ‘big’ year. Make or break. And the elements that will define the year are already queuing up:

  • at least three ‘writing retreats’ either as mentor or participant;
  • four new works of my own – though I doubt all will be finished in the next eleven months;
  • and as publisher, I can see at least eight projects during the year, four of which are already ‘live’.

Given it may also prove to be a somewhat turbulent year personally, you might argue that’s a busy enough agenda for anyone to handle. And yet…

I have the desire to undertaken an adventure. A ‘writing adventure’.

My original thought was to take off in a camper van / mobile home / RV for maybe three weeks and spend the time touring a chunk of the UK coast and writing about it along the way. (I was born on the coast and have an unresolved attachment to it.) But hiring such a vehicle is expensive… I could take my car and use B&Bs / hotels – but where’s the romance in that? Or take the train – but then to have to lug three weeks’ worth of kit around…? Romance yes, but too much like hard work?

Or what about visiting cathedral cities? Or a long walk, like the Coast-to-Coast or Pennine Way – though aren’t those ambitions a little hackneyed?

You see the dilemma…

One thing I think I have ruled out – at least for this year – is an international adventure, even though I desperately want to revisit Pisa and Basel, two of my favourite places in the world. Perhaps those could be motoring-based adventures next year or the year after… These days I’m constantly conscious of the clock, ticking…

So I continue my internal debate – all the while working on my own projects, Coverstory books‘ ventures, preparing for my first retreat of the year. I’m sure I’ll reach a conclusion at some point…

2 thoughts on “Weighing up adventures

  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful year ahead of you. I see your dilemma on adventuring–too many options. Maybe over-thinking it. Or maybe the perfect option hasn’t come into focus yet and when it does you’ll know.


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