Retreat – Day 1

07:15 – 10th May 2022 (Day 1)

So what does today hold?

A walk up to the station after lunch to remind myself of the genesis of ‘Degrees of Separation’. A certainty if it’s dry (it was damp yesterday eve and is gusty this morning – typical edge of Pennines/Cumbria weather).


  • start revision of ‘Reunion’
  • Sonnets’ drafting
  • think about ‘Selected Poems’
  • work up a ‘Jan draft’ for Lincoln
  • think about a Coverstory timetable?
  • think about what I’m going to read at tomorrow’s ‘open mic’
  • read the ‘1st 50 Reviews’ article
  • be ready for anything else!
  • Social media strategy? to fit alongside answering th questions about what kind of writer I want to be?

Wonder if I need to plan a ‘re-vamp’ of my websites etc. in any event e.g.

  • branding (Cb and/or IG)
  • Line Breaks – as part of Cb
  • elevate the importance of – if yes, how?

Seeds sown. Don’t push it just yet – you haven’t had breakfast!

18:05 – 10th May 2022

Not too bad for a first day:

  • worked up a to-do list re reviewers
  • edited the first two sections of ‘Revision’
  • read the reviewers article (see above)
  • worked on a couple of sonnets
  • went for a walk
  • did a bit or prep. for Lincoln

The writing persona question is maturing in the background.