Retreat – Day 2

A good day yesterday. Most of the creative effort went into editing “Reunion” plus some sonnet-dabbling.

Had a snooze after lunch to try and catch-up on Tuesday’s poor night’s sleep, and another short walk before dinner for cobweb-blowing.

The highlight was the ‘open mic’ though.

I read my short story “Downsizing”, two sonnets – “Pilgrimage” and the rough draft of “On White Scar” – plus “Giro-scopic”. The feedback on the short story was great – especially for someone with mild Imposter Syndrome.

At the end of the evening H. remarked how unusual it was to find someone who was good/accomplished (you choose the word!) at both poetry and prose.

Again, I’ll settle for that!

Today more of the same I suspect – though I may also have a short story dabble after yesterday’s events…