Working in ‘the office’…

I like to add some variety to my working routine. Often – as this morning – I make my way first thing to the café in one of our local supermarkets. Usually first or second to be served (black Americano and an almond croissant), I plant myself at the far corner table and open my laptop…

Thus far this morning I’ve been editing one of my short stories. Often I’ll be drafting something from scratch; much of my novel “At Maunston Quay” was written in Booths’!

I usually spend about an hour here. Sometimes it can be a little noisy – especially later in the day or outside of term-time – but I do find it strangely conducive to work.

I’m trying to cultivate other working venues too. Next on the list is the library – though that feels as if it will require a completely different mindset to make work…

PS: the café’s also a great place to ‘find’ characters to store away for future fictional use. This morning? A man who has just arrived wearing designer trainers and far too much after-shave; a slightly mis-matched pair of older ladies chattering away (they meet here regularly); a man whose voice carries terribly…

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