Swanwick Summer School, 2022

It seems appropriate to briefly reflect on my first experience of Swanwick Summer School, a week spent with like-minded and friendly folk immersed in all things writing.

There’s no point beating about the bush, the highlight of the week for me was reading my prize-winning short story Park’n’Ride at the prize winners’ event – and then being presented by my award by Cathy.

It was also great to read at both Prose and Poetry open mic sessions during the week.

As might be expected, there was tremendous variation during the week – in terms of both participants and the courses on offer. Given the range of experience and abilities in the attendees, it was a real challenge for the presenters to get the balance of material right.

Not that such a challenge has put me off from planning to submit a proposal to run a short course at next year’s Swanwick. I’ve already started drafting the material!

PS: Park’n’Ride will appear in the next issue of Writing Magazine, due to hit the shops around 1st September.

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