Time for a programme of rework…

Following on from the recent issue of a second edition of At Maunston Quay, I have decided that the time is right to work through some of my earlier fiction to offer updated editions. I am staring with Secrets & Wisdom, and have already begun the editing process. Whilst this is in-train, I feel it is only right to withdraw the book from the market.

Make no mistake, even though the likely scale of modifications will be limited, this is a massive undertaking – perhaps eventually reviewing some 800,000 words. So why do it? And why now?

  • It’s partly driven by the experience of offering a ‘better’, more refined version of Maunston to my readers – and the simple proposition that I should do so for all my older work.
  • And it’s partly because I am a different writer now to the one who originally penned things like Secrets & Wisdom all those years ago; more mature, stylistically more secure.
  • I also feel I owe it to the books themselves, in addition to my readers. Having also undertaken a similar revision process with my poetry over the last twelve months – Selected Poems: 1976-2022 – I understand how rewarding such an endeavour can be.

So, it will take a while. And it makes sense to start with the older work. Process will be an issue, balancing revision alongside new work; but balancing projects has always been an issue! It’s important that the reviewing doesn’t take over. And obviously all my published work will continue to be available until – and if – I choose to work on it.

What might the next year look like then? Well, after Secrets & Wisdom (perhaps with a new edition available in November/December), I’d like to think I could tackle three or four more during 2023. In addition to that, I have a ‘near final’ draft of a novel and collection of short stories almost ready to go -and which won’t need rework! These should be out around the turn of the year. Plus, another novel I’m working on, and a large sonnet collection… Maybe Spring next year?

Enough to keep me busy anyway. I’d better get on with it!