You can’t spend time twice…

The phrase is – to the best of my knowledge – original and my own. It is a line from a new poetry project on which I have started work. The only reason I mention it is that I read it out at a writing group today and three people wrote it down. It was, said one, a line to be proud of.

So, “you can’t spend time twice” (c) Ian Gouge, November 2022 – unless you know any better!

But it got me thinking about how I am spending my time, and I recall a post a few weeks ago – time for a programme of rework – and I thought an update was due.

1 – I recently completed a revision of my short story collection, Secrets & Wisdom, and the new edition is now available. This follows on from a new edition of At Maunston Quay.

2 – I am now about to embark on a revision of my second short story collection, Degrees of Separation. Hopefully the new edition will be out in December.

3 – In terms of new projects, I am currently reworking the first draft of a new ‘short novel’, as well as a second (or is it third?) edit of my sonnet collection. I plan to then put the novel aside until the new year. As far as the sonnet collection is concerned, I may seek a publisher for the book (also most likely in the new year)…

4 – …which will be a busy time because at the start of 2023 I need to decide what I am going to do with the other novel and the collection of short stories that have been out seeking agents since late summer. That’s a ‘persevere or publish’ question.

5 – And in terms of new writing… Well, no new fiction at the moment as there’s a great deal of editing, redrafting etc. to be done – but I have started work on the aforementioned poetry project. I’m not sure exactly what that will turn into at the moment, but it could be a big focus for 2023.

6 – And as far as Coverstory books is concerned, I should be publishing two books in December: Edge & Cusp, a volume of poetry by Richard Lister; and New Contexts: 4 – this after Julia Usman’s great A Little Country last month. That will be 10 books this year – a new record!

So, all in all it sounds as if I’m following my own advice: “you can’t spend time twice” – so spend it well!

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